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DutyGuy Launchs New Water Less Car Wash Service in Ludhiana – 5 Things To Know ?

Being from the land of Gurus , the responsibility of Punjabi increases manifold. A Punjabi needs act for the Sarbat Da Bhla ( the welfare of all).The term ‘ All ‘ here means the environment also. When, Guru Nanak quotes in gurbani ‘ Pawan Guru , Pani Pita ,Mata Dhart Mahatt’ ,then it becomes the foremost duty of every Punjabi to take care of environment , which includes life saver water also.


When the Gurbani becomes the torch bearer and mentor which inspires us to save water , then we should roll up our sleeves and jump in to action to save the precious gift of nature but the logic strikes the brain, how can   I ?

Yes , you can be a water savior and to be that hero , you just need to go for waterless car washing.

Do You Know how much water is used for Car Wash at home with Hose for a month.

The water used is approximately equivalent to 1000 people drinking water a day

OMG , the car washing without water , is it possible? This will be surprise for many . But , its now a reality in Ludhiana.

A Ludhiana based company  has come in to forefront to save the water ,by opening a venture of Waterless Car Wash service in Ludhiana. The company Duty Guy is providing New Waterless Car Wash Service in Ludhiana at the door steps.

Why to choose Waterless Car Wash Service?

An inquisitive mind is always throws queries regarding new things and it is always better to know the facts beforehand. Now one of the most logical reason to adopt this technology is to save the water in the industrial town, Ludhiana .

And the next thing is the amazing technology used for Waterless Car Wash Service which is comprised of following features:

# All products used for Waterless Car Wash Service are eco-friendly and safe for your car.

# It not only cleans but also give instant Gloss to the Car

# It protects the Paint as well when used over a period of Time.


How does the New Waterless Car Wash work ?

# The environment friendly products are sprayed as fine mist .

# These stay on place for 30 seconds or so.

# The liquid encapsulates the dirt on the Car

# Then the Car is wiped with micro fibre cloth.

# It cleans the Car

# On doing Buffing it also gives instant  glossy look .

Why to opt for Duty Guy Waterless Car wash service?

# Firstly , its first of Waterless Car Washing service in the industrial town of Ludhiana, so no other choice is available.

# Secondly , the service is provided at the door steps and is very convinent.

Lot of time and money is saved as there is no need to take the Car to the service station

Thirdly , it is an eco-friendly technique, by adopting it , you can contribute towards the protection of environment and saves lot of water.

Fourthly , living in the industrial town of Ludhiana means invitation to lots of greasy pollutants on your car so keep away these greasy stains ,Bird droppings. The Duty Guy provides the New Waterless Car Wash Service in Ludhiana.

# waterless Car wash leaves no Water Marks

# It does not creates no scratch

# It protects the Paint too

Duty Guy New Waterless Car Wash Service in Ludhiana – A Panacea for many problems

So , if you really want to create a sustainable world ,and want to save water then without wasting, take your car for   Duty Guy ‘ s New Waterless Car Wash Service at Dugri in Ludhiana.

And after getting your glossy car , take a selfie and post it with a caption ‘ I am water saviour ‘.