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What makes us best?

Duty Guy’s products are one of a class that is formulated with the environment and user in mind. Our products are a blend of nontoxic and earth-friendly cleaning agents. We are always “greener” and the best alternative for your car wash.



DUTYGUY can be used as a waterless wash. If you car has been sitting in your garage covered in dust theres no need for a pre-wash. Simply spray and let NIGHT-DRIVE develop, wipe on, wipe off and buff with a microfibre towel for epic results.


High Gloss and Highly Reflective, our promise to you is that DUTYGUY will make your paintwork look CLEAN AF. For an intense depth and shine our anti-static formula keeps dust away.We're sure your first bottle won't be your last...it's that good.


Infused with SIO2 Coating our formula creates a hydrophobic surface to prevent the adhesion of liquid keeping a silky smooth, mirror-like finish. Designed to enhance the shine and color of your vehicle by adding clear coat protection.

Waterless car wash Benefits

Here are the benefits of a no-water-needed car wash.

Saves water:

Water we all know is scarce and we all need to conserve it.Normally for a average car wash the water used is 120 -150 liters and if we do it for month then it amounts to 3600-1800 liters. The amount of water that is used is sufficient for more than 700 people for drinking.

Waterless car wash uses no water or very little water.

The product is eco friendly and on top of it , saves all water and cleans and

It’s Convenient

Lots of people having cars in metros and large cities don’t have a driveway or space to wash cars with hose water. In bigger cities looking at the paucity of water, water usage is banned to wash the cars.

For people who park on the street or stay in a block of flats, occasionally the simplest alternative is to go to a automobile wash – and this could get costly in case you wash your automobile often.

There are places where people do it with Bucket wash. It does not clean well and leaves scratches and water marks on the Car.

Its Handy

Waterless Wash & Wax is a handy way to clean your car . It does not need water tap, Hose water or either buckets with water . All you need is to spray our waterless car wash on the car and wipe out with microfiber cloth.This process cleans well and give waxes your car as well.

Cleans shines and protects paint with no water marks.

Cost effective

The Water less car wash is highly cost effective. Monthly package is cost effective and amazingly much below your expectations. You need only a single product for clean and waxing.

Time effective

Water less car wash is very Time effective and regularly done it takes just few minutes to clean outer. It also saves the time for waxing.You need not waste time going to washing stations.

Tailor made/ flexible requirement

Depending on the requirement you have various packages to choose from. If need be we can also provide special packages .

At your doorsteps

Its convenient , you get your services at your steps. It also saves lot your time.You can get the water less car wash done at any place, your home, office, shops etc.

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Why choose us!

Duty Guy is a revolutionary high-performance waterless car care product from an eco-conscious company committed to the health of this planet. We study, import, package and distribute high-quality car care products to preserve the sustainability factor making this world a better place to live in.


By supporting you with eco-friendly world-class car wash products that help you save water, time, money and effort in washing cars to a sparkle, we feel content that we are doing our bit to protect our natural resources, saving them for the gen. next.

How it works!

Spray, wipe, buff!
Simply spray on the cleaner.
Wipe IN and wipe OFF the cleaner with the special micro fiber towel.
Wash and reuse the towel.
Eco Whisk Car Wash cleans, polishes and protects your car in one go!


Duty Guy brings the professional car cleaning service for your car right at your doorstep. Our products are aqueous based, readily biodegradable and an “Eco Friendlier” option from soap and water. We help you save Water, Time, Money and Effort anywhere/ anytime, wet or dry, in the sun or in the shade.


  • Shines the vehicle with a protective all weather finish
  • Is biodegradable under aerobic conditions
  • Have NO listed hazardous ingredients, petroleum solvents or volatile organic compounds (V.O.C’s)
  • Helps conserve millions of litres of water in a year; preserving our surface water tables from contamination
  • No multiple products required
  • Is economical and truly values your money


If you’ve ever DREAMT of being your own boss, of making the kind of money you’re really WORTH and of LIVING the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, then we have the RIGHT SOLUTION for you!

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