Refrigerator Servicing



  • Cleaning of Refrigerator from Outside and inside
  • Inner door and shelves cleaning
  • Stains removal. We will try to remove all strains, but there are some hard strains that cannot be removed.
  • Drainage cleaning
  • Inner gasket cleaning
  • Compressor outer body cleaning
  • Cleaning of coils
  • Clean of fan blades
  • Only labor for cleaning is included


  • Repair charges are not included.
  • No parts are covered in this service.
  • Gas filling not included


The services of Refrigerator help in better cooling, better performance, saving of electricity. General Servicing also helps in cleaning of Refrigerator , that gives better cleaning and better odor .It also reduces the strains.

Select Type of Service

Gas Refill (Single Door), Gass Refill (Double Door), INSTALLATION, Refrigerator Service, REPAIR


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