Cockroach & Ant Spray


  • Avermectin
  • Borax
  • Boric acid
  • Sodium metaborate
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Use of aerosol sprays or foggers isn’t recommended, thanks to the high probability of exposure during the appliance from inhaling the aerosol. Fogging also leaves pesticide residues distributed throughout the house environment and is an explosion risk in homes with gas appliances. Outdoor sprays can drift apart and pose a risk to non-target wildlife like bees or other beneficial insects. If your home is so old and filled with cracks and crevices that you simply simply can’t caulk all of them , pesticide baits will complement your roach control efforts. Avoid aerosol sprays of pesticides or foggers. They indiscriminately contaminate all surfaces within the treated area and are an inhalation and asthma hazard.

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