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Our team of passionate and expert technicians is committed to delivering top-quality technical solutions to our clients. With extensive years of experience in the related field, our technicians bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.


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Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that every project we undertake is completed on time and to your satisfaction.


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Are You Looking For The Led TV Repair And Services At Kolkata
Everyone is fond of watching TV and these days LED TV are in trend. But imagine there for it. Are you facing this situation and looking for LED TV repair in Kolkata, and then you do not have to bother. Duty guy is always at your doorsteps for your assistance. It’s our priority to keep our clients fully satisfied by giving our best quality services. Following are the perks of having services done by Duty Guy:

Don't let a broken LED TV stop you from enjoying your favorite film or show! Get the best repair and service in Kolkata today.

Having trouble with your state-of-the-art LED TV? Get fast and trusted repair services in Kolkata to get your entertainment back on track! Need reliable, cost-effective LED TV repair & services in Kolkata? We are here to help. Let us take care of all your TV needs and get you back up and running quickly!

Looking for a reliable LED TV repair and service provider in Kolkata? Get your LED TV fixed with experienced professionals at a fraction of the price!Experience the best LED TV repair & services in Kolkata. Find highly experienced techs that can diagnose and repair any problem at an affordable price.

Solutions For Cracked And Broken Screens​

Solutions For Cracked And Broken Screens​

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Are you looking for help with LED TV repair? you’ve gone to the right spot by then. At insightful LED TV repair, our astoundingly experienced LED TV repair expects have been working with LED TV repair services for different years, providing meaningful results at a genuinely sensible expense. We offer help for a broad scope of LED repairing services in Kolkata needs, both and estimates. Indeed, our LED TV Service in Kolkata can help with a LED TV repair you may require. At the point when you need capable services in an ideal plan, working with a LED TV repair association is reliably the best approach. Despite the fact that it may seem fundamental work, proficient help guarantees you’ll be content with our predominant results. Duty Guy is your one custom response for an expansive extent of jacks of all exchanges services, contraptions repair, cleaning services, experts for enlist administration, I.T. services needs. Our experts are wellbeing specialists and steady workers. We appear on your plan time at your place with the mechanical assemblies to finish the work right. Duty Guy experts are significantly talented with an involvement with the trades. We give home repair and improvement trained professionals. We are known for the idea of our workmanship and master steadfastness, so you understand the work will be done accurately and beneficially.

Struggling with your LED TV? Get the best repair and service from experts in Kolkata and restore it back to its original condition in no time.Need a reliable LED TV service in Kolkata? We offer prompt repair and servicing for all types of TVs, at the most competitive prices!

Get instant and cost-effective repairs for your LED TV from the reliable professionals located in Kolkata. No more worries about service quality - we guarantee you satisfaction!Looking for LED TV repair & services in Kolkata? Get fast and reliable service with our team of experienced technicians and find out why we're the best!

Don’t worry if you need help getting your LED TV fixed - we've got you covered! Our expert technicians can provide top-notch repair and maintenance services in Kolkata.

Looking for expert LED TV repairs & services in Kolkata? Look no further! We provide top-of-the-line LED TV servicing and repair at affordable prices.Having trouble with your LED TV set in Kolkata? Don't panic - get the best LED TV repair and services in the city from our qualified professionals!

If your LED TV needs servicing, look no further! Don't waste time, get quality LED TV repair and service in Kolkata today!Get the best LED TV repair and services in Kolkata from our experts. We specialize in fixing any problems you might have with your LED TV.

Get unparalleled quality when it comes to servicing & repairing your LED TVs—we guarantee exceptional service in Kolkata! Contact us now to make a booking.


Your TV can stop working at any time, and you will have to face a lot of mess if you want to get your TV fixed. It is hard to go outside and find a good TV technician that can repair your LED TV as soon as possible. However, Duty guy is a company you can trust to fix your television as soon as possible and with utmost quality service. Just give us a call whenever you need LED TV repair in Kolkata.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One can experience multiple problems in LED TV like screen flickering or distorted image. Turning of Screen to black and white can also be another problem.No color, no sound, lines or bars on the scree.
One should switch OFF the power for few seconds and switch ON.Also check for lose connections of cables. If the problem still persists then you should call the Technician.
This could be caused by a variety of issues, including a faulty power supply, overheating, or a software issue. It’s best to have a professional diagnose and repair the problem.
Yes it is possible that screen can be repaired or replaced.
There are several types of TV repair services available to cater to the various problems you might encounter with your TV, regardless of its brand or type.

First, a general ‘tv repair’ service can address a range of issues across various brands and types of TVs. Brand-specific repair services, like ‘LG TV repair’, ‘Samsung TV repair’, ‘Sony TV repair’, ‘Panasonic TV repair’, or ‘Mi TV repair’ can handle issues unique to these brands.

When it comes to specific types of TVs, there are tailored services available. For instance, ‘LED TV repair’ is geared towards issues inherent in LED technology, while ‘LCD TV repair’ and ‘Plasma TV repair’ cater to those specific types of TVs. ‘CRT TV repair’ is for older models that use cathode ray tube technology.

If you’re facing a screen-related issue, several services can help. ‘TV screen repair’ covers a range of screen problems, from minor issues to severe damage. For broken or cracked screens, ‘fix broken tv screen’, ‘cracked tv screen repair near me’, or ‘tv screen replacement’ services can provide solutions. ‘TV LCD screen replacement’ and ‘fix TV’ are also options for such issues. If you’re interested in costs, you can search for ‘tv screen replacement price’ to get a ballpark figure for this service.

For more specific issues, such as problems with your TV’s display or backlight, you can look for ‘TV display repair’ or ‘TV backlight repair’.

If you need to replace parts of your TV, ‘TV panel replacement’ or specific screen replacement services like ‘LG TV screen replacement’ and ‘Samsung TV screen replacement’ can be handy.

For specific TV types and brands, you have options like ‘Samsung LED TV repair’, ‘Panasonic LED TV repair’, ‘Sony LED TV repair’, and ‘LG LED TV repair’. These services are equipped to handle problems specific to LED TVs of these particular brands.

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